What is the Farmer Loan Redemption Plan? (Debt waiver) scheme information

What is the Farmer Loan Redemption Plan? (Debt waiver) scheme information

Today, you will get to know about the farmer loan redemption scheme introduced by the BJP government. So read this article till the end. This article will prove to be very beneficial for the farmer


India is structurally a country of villages if we talk about all the rural communities, more work is done in more villages of India, therefore India has got the name of Bharat Agri-Pradhan Nation and about 70% Indians People are farmers.

If I do not speak wrong then the farmer is like the spinal cord of India.

They produce food crops and oilseeds. They are productive in commercial crops. They produce some raw materials for our industries, so that is the lifeblood of our nation.

About 60% of India’s people, either directly or indirectly dependent on farming, work for the whole day and night, they sow the seeds and keep an eye on the crops during the night. He takes care of his oxen.

Nowadays, the number of cultivation with the help of oxen in many states is almost over and cultivation is done with the help of a tractor.

Their wives and children help them with their work in their work.

Most Indian farmers are poor, their poverty is famous all over the world. On the day we come to the news, the farmer does not have enough time to eat food. Nor can the clothes become too fortunate in their manner.

He cannot teach his children in a manner that he can not afford to buy his sons and daughters properly, until he can not give the pleasure of wearing ornaments throughout his life.

Farmers’ wives also work at home and in the field. He cleaned the cows, made cow’s dung and pasted it on the walls and also dried them in the sun, during the wet monsoon months, the overflow made of those dungs would be used as fuel.

Indian farmers are often harassed by the village brokers. He is troubled by moneylenders and tax collectors, so he can not enjoy his own produce.

Even today, Indian farmers do not own their own home to make suitable accommodation. He spends his time staying in a hut made of straw, while large farmers have improved very much, the condition of small landholders and marginal farmers is still less than satisfactory.

Most of the people of the old farmers were uneducated, ie, not much-educated. But if the new generation is done then most farmers are educated.

Being educated, he gets a lot of help. They get the soil test of their fields in the laboratory. In this way, they would understand who would be the largest crop in their fields.

For the growth of the crops, they need more than just land, such as: –

  1. Water
  2. Compost
  3. seed
  4. Tractor for irrigation etc.

Through the news of the day, we get to know that due to the failure of the farmers of India to cultivate their days many times they also fall into the throats of death. Many farmers are stuck in their entire life because of debt.

After considering the very thinking of the BJP government, took a decision in the interest of Indian farmers and started this scheme in many states of India.

Let us know how will the farmers’ debt waiver scheme prove to be good for the farmers?


After taking oath by the government, in the first cabinet meeting, in accordance with the promise made in his resolution letter, the farmers decided to waive the loan amount of Rs one lakh.

“To be forgiven the debt has been decided by the Government of the NIC (National Informatics Center) by farmers in different states of India through the online portal developed by 31-03-2016 for the Details of the agricultural loans gone through online feed by making the team of officials and bank officers of Tehsil State Revenue Department by making a thorough verification of this debt forgiveness scheme. Ia be making any proper farmers are not left remaining in this scheme, and taking advantage of a bad farmer “.

The purpose of the government is to implement the scheme with complete transparency.

Today, the BJP government has brought a lot of improvement in their condition by introducing several schemes in the interest of poor farmers. Indian farmers celebrate social functions in simple possible ways. Now he is celebrating the festival every year.

Share this article of farmer loan redemption scheme with your farmer brothers so that they can get good information about them and they can live their lives in the right way.

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