How To Avoid Childhood Obesity

How To Avoid Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a new big concern in the health community, making big waves having cruel consequences on the child’s life and future.

Statistics from the most recent large-scale survey in the UK shockingly reveal that 25% of boys and 33% of girls aged between 2-19 years are overweight or obese. Health experts are particularly worried about this in view of the health risks linked with obesity, alterations like heart disease, certain cancers, high blood pressure, joint problems, psychological difficulties and diabetes. According to a recent American study overweight teenagers are 8 and a half times more likely to develop high blood pressure and almost 2 and a half times as likely to have high blood cholesterol levels, meanwhile, in recent years there’s been an alarming rise in the number of children being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, a condition that’s typically seen in overweight middle-aged adults.

Nutrition guidelines recommended for adults are inappropriate for most children under the age of five, children having smaller tummies and them daily calories and nutrients are different from the adults. As children’s need for motion is almost unlimited and love to be active, this is how will they discover their body, possibilities and boundaries. Parents should stimulate any kind of physical activity and at the beginning, they are the best exercising partner. The tiny ones will enjoy the active relationship, the familiar bounding and security as well as the benefits of an active lifestyle.

By this, parents ensure one possible and secure path towards the child’s healthy lifestyle and both mom and dad can benefit from the importance of the exercise.

The Portion Doctor offers more nutritional guidelines and solutions to preventing childhood obesity and its consequences.

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